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Derived from limestone, marble is a natural stone that offers a broad variety of elegant colors and can sometimes contain darker veins that create patterns and movement in the stone. It’s an extremely hard stone that needs to be polished rather than cut. In ancient times, it was highly valued by talented sculptors and considered to be of superior quality. Nowadays, it is still regarded as a prestigious material that also comes at great value. Granit Castello offers the highest quality of marble available and has proven experience working with this elegant material.


The saying “You have to see it to believe it” takes on its full meaning when it comes to marble. That’s precisely why Granit Castello invites its customers to come to see for themselves the great variety of styles available in store, in addition to learning more about the various features of this unique product. When polished, marble reveals a very smooth finish suited for a number of different applications, from countertops to flooring. Being a very porous stone, it is essential to seal it frequently in order to keep it pristine and to avoid any stains or other alterations caused by fat.


Marble is a durable material that will age gracefully. Its appearance is likely, however, to change due to over time as it wears. A patina forms on the marble, unlike quartz or granite, causing the stone to appear older. Our team will inform you about the various aging properties of our products, so that you are fully aware of how your product will evolve and can appreciate its unique appearance.

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